Sunday, May 17, 2009


In case any one was curious- I'm still working on rewrites for the book. I am taking my time with this. I'm on Chapter 15 actually. Finding the time and focus to work has been somewhat scattered these days, and Chapter 14 took along to go through.
And This time around it does take a little more paying attention. Going back through the first part of the story, I have to add or correct things that were intially written, and fold in elements that may have become apparent in later chapters, but now need to be referenced or at least kept in mind. The rewrite I find more time consuming than the actual writing aspect.
Once i completed the first draft, I can now attack the whole thing with the overall knowledge of how things acrually turned out, rather than writing based on a basic story outline.

It's alot of fun to now go back and fill in the gaps.
Also what this is helping to generate is notes for the follow up story.

Also As I continue to work on this I am still debating whether to try the traditional publishing route or just go straight to "Self Publish" I've read all the stories about how "gone with the wind and Carrie were rejected a hundred times. Of writers, resubmitting their own award winning published novels, only to be rejected. It seems to me as prestigious as it may be perhaps I don't have to go down that route.
the main appeal for me is I would have 100% control over marketing. which through a publishing house one doesn't always get.
But I don't know really, I'm on the fence about it for now. There a acouple of places I will be sending out to soon, and there are other agents/publishers who will only considered a finished manuscript.

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