Monday, April 5, 2010

Shards Of The Glass Slipper: Book II

Shards2.txt is now a file on my desktop.

These past couple of months have been very difficult to work on finishing the manuscript for the first book. I'm smack dab in the middle of edits and rewrites in the round 2 phase... I'm all but convinced I will be self publishing this, reason being, I'm not interested in jumping through the usual publishing hoops, in this day and age. By self publishing, I mean small press may be an option as well. I can certainly handle the marketing aspect of it, whereas writers whom are much more "writery" than I am and in many cases and even many of them still have problems getting published. But these talented writers may not have the marketing and graphics skills that I have available to me. Whereas I might hire an editor to help get the novel(s) finished, so might the writer, be hiring an artist to do their website or their book cover. Both approaches may very well be more hands on, than what a publishing company will offer.

and it's more "mine" that way- and I like that.

When it comes time, i will be going to the conventions sitting at a table selling the books.. it just means I get to go to more conventions! and my Shards of the glass slipper book booth will be awesome, if my artshow display I've done is any indication. but I have the chops to push the book on the internet, and through e-readers and amazon etc. I will try and embrace more of the 1st century options than the dusty, this is how we always do it, traditional publish route. The more and more traditional publishing companies that are struggling nowadays, the less likely someone like me will have a chance to be published. plus, there's a great quote on a website i visit that say something like

Literature is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to people who have none.
Jules Renard 1864 - 1910

Which also sounds like my career as a graphic artist. :)

and now initial work begins on the follow up story. As I've said from the start… this is a fairy tale EPIC. Shards was designed as a 3 book arc. Shards "book 1" only serves to setup the main story and character introductions. Shards "Book 2" gets into the bigger picture and epicness of it all.

So now I have to start jotting down notes, so I can keep up as I finish off book 1.

The tone for book 2 will be a lot darker and more gruesome. I will say that a secondary character introduced in book 1 is now the focus of book 2, however, the story structure will be as much set in the present of the story as it is telling two other stories from different time periods in sort of two different sets of flashbacks. The story from book 1 carries over almost without pause.

now begins a big push to get this going.