Sunday, June 22, 2008


I write best on an early weekend morning. I'm writing Shards on my lunch break also.. That is when I have the time to take lunch breaks. Also working on the story on the drive to work, in the shower, the two hours it takes me to fall asleeps at night... etc. Work projects have been taking up some time and energy too. And I've also been enjoying developing some graphics and designs and even just idea generating for next year's I-CON convention. It's been very exciting to be able to contribute to a convention that I've been going to for 24 years. And it's going to require a lot of art and alot of my expertise as a graphic designer. It's good to stretch the creative muscles with subject matter I don't get to play with at work that often.

But I'm still writing. I'm very comfortable with the main characters and their personalities are starting to really come into focus. Even though I'm writing it, I'm still amazed how much my characters fairy tale origins come into play in the smallest details and how everything seems to click into place.
I miss Poser and Vue though. I'm stockpiling files for these two programs, as I will have to roll into art creation mode as I do plan on doing all new art for the Art Show this year.
I'll probably be using these programs to do art for I-CON as well. ( which will be a nice change from a chess piece or a fairy tale as the subject matter.)
I may go with a more sci-fi theme this year. Give shards ( and my setup crew)a break. Artwise, I have some great designs on the table for new art for Shards.
I really can't wait to go and explore and develop some new stuff in poser and vue, to see what I can come up with next! Take my tools and talents to another level. We'll see what I end up with by next year's show.

So I'm trying to juggle all of this. Not to mention mowing the lawn and stuff and the days where I'm just too burnt out. In a way I'm glad Battlestar Galactica is over for the year. That's an hour less TV I'm obligated to watch. I think the only show I watch now regularly is Ghost Hunters. and GHI doesn't start till july 9th. So I got some time. I really try not to watch alot of TV. Of course it's the summer time so there's other stuff as well, cooking, mandatory pool time, socializing and movies.
So far I've been okay with it all and I'm still having fun with it!

Monday, June 16, 2008

about chapter 1

 I wanted to get a feel for how  the pages might be formated  in more of a finished book form.
  Things like fancy ornate drop caps at the chapters will come later, and no for the posting of the sample chapter I did not do any indenting. So there's still some final formatting

But I wanted to give people something to read! 
Hopefully I'll get some positive feedback.

 I was trying to find a suitable format that will let people read  samples but keeping some security issues in place, and not have Word docs and pdf's floating around. So the process i have now I hope works okay. Ideally I was looking into page turning type interfaces but these proved elusive. Maybe later. Obviously if you are not up to date with flash and  other software you might have problems with the site. On my computer everything works perfect.

I appreciate any feedback regarding chapter 1 and /or the site! Thanks in advance.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This website has been updated!-Finally!

It was time for an overhaul. While maintaining a blog format, I wanted a more focused and comprehensive website to deliver my "Shards of The Glass Slipper" project. I've included a NEW video trailer. The First Chapter and an image gallery! I hope to have some great feedback as This new format evolves. So, let me know what you all think!