Sunday, August 31, 2008




This is what greeted me first thing Sautrday morning. Boot Disk failure. My hard drive finally had a nervous breakdown. It's not surprising, I do a lot of work with my computer and it is in near constant use. Poor thing.
I bought an off the shelf computer, an HP, about three years ago. Normally I build my own, but money was tight and anything was an improvement from my previous computer (which was a custom build).
So... Boot disk failure? It was a Seagate hard drive. I've had a bad experience with Seagate drives I don't particularly like them. It came with the HP, and I thought, well maybe Seagate got better. Nope.

I spent the better part of saturday up to my elbows in my computer. I've purchased WD 500GB drive it's eco friendly with variable speed (yes they actually promote an internal hard drive as being "eco-friendly") That and 10% off at Best Buy is also wallet friendly. And for someone not planning on spending a bunch of money suddenly-it's good. I've made my carbon footprint that much smaller, by getting a hard drive that can cruise at 54,000rpm when it needs to and kick in to 72,000RPM for the heavy stuff. Because that will really work to stop global warming.
I also own a full verison of Windows XP. ( I'm still not sold on Vista.) The plan- install new hard drive and install XP. Then access the boot drive failure disk to retrive all the stuff that didn't make it to the next back up. I know I can acces the bad drive I've already hooked up to another computer and rescued files with it. I know how to install a hard drive and an OS.

Didn't work. I come to find out that HP requires you to install its software ( in the form of recovery discs.) in order for its hardware to recognize a new hard drive. No getting around it.
Now I have a vague recollection of making the recovery discs but this was three years ago and I could not find them. It was after all, three years ago, and never needed to use since. Placing them in a safe place means forgetting where you put them after rearranging your office at least twice. So... I had to order them (for a nominal fee of course) from HP. INconvienently this all transpires over the course of a holiday weekend to further my annoyance and delay. They claim it's to combat piracy, which i can understand. but it's an annoyance to legitimate customers like me and really turns me off of their product. I won't buy hp again. Did it once. I'm done with.
It's going to take along time to get back up to speed. There's lots of files to get back once everything is up and running and a lot of software to install.

I'll get the HP up and running again but I'm thinking I may now start building a custom one.
Then I'll transition to the new one (on my own terms.) The benefit then is a meaty secondary computer will make an excellent network render for my 3d projects. It's called a render farm and a linked computer on a render farm is called a cow or a bull. So HP shall become my cow and lanquish as a slave, shunned and pariahed, with no other acknowledgement from me except when i need it to service my renders. A fitting fate for my boot disk failed HP.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

An Update

Most of August so far has been dealing with medical concerns with my wife, shortly thereafter me being in throes of a nasty cold. Which put me couchbound for the past two days. So I haven't been able to progress much on the writing. Despite being sick I do manage to check my e-mail and even fine tune some things on Chapter 21. But the ability to sit upright, focus and think is a fleeting moment at best. My wife is better and when I'm over this cold, I will continue to finish up Shards. Chapters 2 through 5 are out to a trusted beta reader, which is good news.