Friday, October 31, 2008

what would posess a person to climb a beanstalk?

I mean really. That's a heck of a lot of beanstalk to climb. Then again what would posess a person to "spiderman" up the side of a building with a perfectly good set of stairs on the inside?

Oh and Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Passed the 400th page.

Sorry if the posts have been a little thin as of late, it's only becauseI 've been busy with the day to day and really nothing terribly exciting with that. Also I've been finishing my novel. Yes, that's right- finishing. Completing something that I started. If getting published is the Gold Medal to strive for, right now I'm at "Personal Best". I gotta say, this is a good feeling.
I am at the tail end of the 23rd chapter. There are only two chapters remaining to be written; it's an estimated 30 or so pages left.
not much further now...The end is in sight!

i'll post again soon when i'm finished.

Monday, October 6, 2008

bronx zoo photos

Did the semi-biannual or something trip to the bronx zoo this weekend. I wanted to practice with my new canon 40D. The weather was cloudy with a chance of iffy. Anyway-got there closer to noon than the usual 10 am opening and the weather wasn't great for most of the day. So the day felt a little rushed and the photos perhaps a little half hearted. Many of the animals weren't too cooperative. I go there alot for pictures and this time I was looking for something new. Most of the animals I've seen already and have plenty of pictures of. Alot of the challenge is the low lighting of the enclosures, shooting through glass and the fact that to get really, really interesting shots requires a zoom lens as many of the animals are quite far away. my longest zoom lens is slow in poor light, which means blurred pictures of animals that never hold their stance long enough, or pictures that are too dark, due to lack of light , or grainy due to higher iso. I try not to use the flash either because it's either not allowed or I try to challenge myself to get natural light shots. plus i don't want the typical snapshot type pics everyone else was taking.
There are a lot of nice cameras and nice telephoto lenses walking around the zoo. and when I get my big telephoto lens (hopefully this christmas.)I'll be going back to the bronx zoo.
Here are some of the pictures:

A-Ha Ha! This is funny!

Here's something funny.

We'll my computer's is back from the shop. New Motherboard. New Power Supply. New Hard drive. Doesn't quite work as well as it used to for some reason. can't put my finger on it. it's just not.. right.
Plus-I don't trust it. It's has betrayed me. and now there's this weirdness, like that awkward- y'know like dating someone from work and then getting dumped by them but still have to go work the next day with your ex.
It's that kind of akwardness.

I plugged the old hard drive back in and it worked. so I didn't really miss too much. I have 2 500gb hard drives sitting around. And an external case for internal SATA drives.
Slowly I'll build my other computer.
But for now everything is back to sqaure 1. yay.