Saturday, December 13, 2008

New year's resolution #1- Get Shards published!

With the holidays winding down I'm able to start getting my eye back on the ball. The ball being gettting Shards published. Or self published... For Christmas I got a book written by a friend of mine, She is an excellent writer who self published via Lulu. The print quality of the book is commendable, though I've heard mixed things about Lulu and self publishing/vanity books. Still I'd like to consider it as another option after I rack up a few more rejection letters. (JK Rowling was rejected 10 times for Harry Potter.) Self publishing isn't as daunting to me as it might be to others; I'm a professional graphic artist, I can do layout and design covers etc. and market it without it looking like an amatuer attempt out of MS publisher. I'd almost prefer to do it myself- I can do that part, as writing is out of my comfort zone, It's not something I'm confident with yet so the process of dealing with the real world of publishing and "official rejection" scares the crap outta me. Still, letting somebody else do all of the work and paying me for it has some appeal. So I will try the traditional means first. I'd rather try and fail- doing something like this and never trying is just about the same as why bother to start at all.

I did go to the SFWA meeting and it was very nice but it did seem a little clique-like and I was rather itimidated by it all. I went with my friend from I-CON who deals with getting authors for the convention and he knew a lot of those people. Meeting new people and breaking into cliques is not my strong point. Never has been.

here's where I am with stuff:

  • I've gotten my first "not interested" for Shards. It wasn't their thing. I expect alot more of these.
  • I will be sending out 1 maybe 2 more submissions by the end of the year.
  • I am in the process of aquiring a big fat list O'Agents to pitch to in '09.
  • Chapter 4&5 are in edit/revision process.