Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dragon*con 2009

 Hi all-
I've been accepted into the Dragon*Con art show this year. This year I will be showcasing a new "Series II" for my Chesspieces  art series. I already have a couple from the new series and I'd like to add about 5-6 or more new ones.I'm pretty excited about showing at Dragon*Con again last time was alot of fun. my Friend Pete is joining me this year and it should make for a great time.
anyways,  art needs to get created-  the chess pieces section of the website will undoubtedly get revamped and I need to revisit an on line store again. Then there prints to get made and a display to consider. It would be as extensive as the shards display- but I would like to incorporate some video for chesspieces. Also I'd like to create a calendar for chesspieces that I can maybe sell at dragon-con.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

back to it

With I-CON 28 over with I have some breathing room, and I intend to focus on two things. Chess Pieces at the Dragon*Con Art show. ( Going back to dragon*Con!!!!)
And Getting Shards published. I chatted with author Patrick Thomas at I-CON for a little bit and it was rather inspring. So time to get back to it.