Sunday, January 24, 2010

new shards art

whenever i find myself unispired or discouraged about writing, I have at least the ability to reinvigorate myself and get back in touch with my story. By revisiting it artistically, to get back in the mood so to speak. I have done some new art and will be doing some more stuff, just to brush off the shackles that have been holding me down as of late. I have some updated software I have been dying to use, and some needed computer hardware updates. so I'll see about posting some of those later.

I still have 4 olympic commercials to get off my desk for work this week, a new ad campaign that I have to spec out for work after that, and I'm in the hot seat for getting a bunch of stuff ready for I-CON 29.

Friday, January 22, 2010

the site was down I transfered info and stuff to new servers.. I had to wait for a while to make sure everything is still up. So we're on a whole new server and things should be good for a while.Work and I-Con has been keeping me busy of late... with I-CON expressing an interest in having me as a guest artist again. The jury is still out as far as I'm concerned. Editing on shards has taken a momentary pause through the holidays but I hope to return to that soon. I have 9 chapters tagged as "complete". And at this point, I'm inclined to self publish, as I don't think there much to be said for jumping through the usual hoops. I'll discuss that at another date. I am still willing to be convinced otherswise, though.
ultimately.... who cares?