Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still kicking!

It's been quiet these past couple of weeks as I try to interest agents and publishers to take on my manuscript. There has been some interest but which is promising, but the process is slow and so far no has ran with it.

It's probably because I don't have vampires in my story. Ah well.

it takes weeks/months and sometimes never to hear back from an agent sometimes sooner. I got a 24 hour no thanks reply, once.

I'm one reply away from closing the chapter on this process. Presuming the one agent left will decline, I will most likely get the ball rolling on doing it myself. I'm tired of wasting time trying to jump through other peoples' hoops in the declining book market. I will no doubt do a traditional hard copy.. but I am intrigued by the boom of e-readers.
Once this process rolls foward, the website will get overhauled.. and marketing can take place (YAY marketing!) Not only did I write the book, But I do have the resources and skills for design and marketing... so really, what am I waiting for?????

Part of this plan involves hitting up a lot more conventions when ready. Expect to hear more about that in 2011.