Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Found this great 4 star review on amazon today!

 4 stars! **** "Great twist on the classics. Best book i have read in a long time, all the twists in the story are unexpected and very well blended. for someone to mix all the classic tales in to one and have it work so well is amazing."
Thanks, Jessica!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pre Order Mermaids 13 & Apocalypse 13 at Padwolf!

The Padwolf website is updated! you can now pre order mermaids 13! Which includes my short story "Syrenka" (a story based on a character from my novel Shards Of The Glass Slipper). And Apocalypse 13 which includes my story " Norman's Ark". There are plenty of other authors and books to check out so, stop by!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Roy's Artwork published Chess Life Magazine!

My artwork for the story "The Sicilian Defense" is in this month's Chess Life Magazine! It features an original short story by author and friend, Darin Kennedy and a full page full color illustration for his story by yours truly!!!! ( page 35, I'm told) this is the official magazine of the US chess federation and has a circulation in excess of 85,000 readers! Congrats to Darin, and many thanks to the editor Daniel Lucas for his generosity! Information on how to check out the magazine to come! :)

discussing the cover art of Shards novel!

 "The first thing I did before I even started writing the book was to develop the logo that I could brand anything with going forward. I wanted to evoke a sense of fantasy. so I developed  the logo from several different typefaces and further tweaked the art to make that it was much more unique. Fairy tales have a sort of built in visual recognition, and symbolism so subsequent art and ultimately the book cover would play to that strength."
read the rest  here!

new website is now live!

There may be some tweaking in the future but the revamp is complete! I rebuilt the website from scratch on new software so,  hopefully this will run smoother, and on the back end the updating and any future modifications should be easier to update.