Sunday, December 13, 2015

Audiobook is available & 5 things to know about the Syrenka story...

Good news!  The Syrenka audiobook is available now at CDBaby! You can listen to the first segment and purchase it here: Listen now!

With the debut of Shards of the Glass Slipper: Syrenka in enhanced audiobook format, we thought we'd share some tidbits regarding it. So with that said here's 5 things to know about Syrenka:

  1. The story is based off of the Original Hans Christian Andersen tale NOT Disney's version. Obviously, or I'd be sued by the mouse and his army of lawyers! Luckily, the original tale is public domain.  The story of Syrenka takes place as an almost direct sequel the Hans Christian Andersen tale and there are quotes, details and other references related from the original tale.   The names had to be developed in the original tale her sisters did not have names (The Disney version gives them names as well as naming the main character Ariel.) The name Syrenka was derived from an older  mythological reference and is sort of a commonly used name. It most likely originates from the Greek mythology  stories of  the beautiful but deadly Sirens that lured sailors to their doom.
  2.  The Syrenka short story first appeared in Mermaids 13 from Padwolf Publishing.  The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite fairy tales but it was a bit of a tragic ending. So in writing my fairy tale epic Shards of the Glass Slipper, I want to give the Little Mermaid character a better ending. When we meet her in the novel she is older and further along in her condition. Mermaids 13 gave me an opportunity to fill in more of her background. Even though everyone is somewhat familiar with the character, it allowed me to bridge my character from the story everyone was familiar with to the larger story of Shards of the Glass Slipper. Though the story Syrenka takes place before the events in the novel it's a stand alone story. It'a the only story that features a character  from the Shards of the Glass Slipper story outside of the two epic novels.
  3.  With music and sound effects it resembles a radio play rather than a traditionally recorded audiobook. I have a fantastic working relationship with a skilled narrator as Christopher Crosby Morris who narrated the audiobook for Shards of the Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder and is currently recording Book II: Queen Alice). and most audiobooks will just stop at the narration part. with good reason- audiobooks are generally cost prohibitive to produce. Then layering sound effects and music even moreso ads to the cost and it's a skill many authors are not familiar with.  As it happens to be, I'm not only author and artist but I've done professional work in sound and music mixing for television commercials. So I have the knowledge and resources to successfully attempt something like this. That being said it still is not cheap and takes time.  Some of the sounds I recorded and did foley work myself.( yes I did splash around in my pool with my recording equipment to get sounds for Syrenka). Other music and sound effects I have to search through several sound  and music libraries  I own, which takes time to go through to find the perfect sounds and if I can't find it there I might have to find and purchase. Then there's the time to mix everything together. The Syrenka short story in about an hour in length and took me almost two weeks to to put together. That said, Shards of the Glass Slipper  Queen Cinder is nearly 16 hours long. Not every description in the book requires sound and music does not play throughout. But when  you want to emphasize  action or a scene  it's amazing how that swell of music or that dramatic pause really drives the narrative home. more so than a book or even just a traditional narration. Sound really can help set the mood  and immerse the listener. For audiobooks you are not reading you are listening. in underscore sound effects you'll hear a familiar sound and recognize it in a more primal fashion than you would just listening to a narration. There are those narration-only purists out there that prefer not to have any music or sound. I do think that with the developing of digital technology, this will become a more familiar way to experience an audiobook.
  4. There are many relevant themes that emerged from Syrenka. I think because it's a fairy tale  it's very easy to dismiss the character or the story as children's fare. But in really explore this story  like any true fairy tale there are much darker and adult subject at it's core. If you  stop and think about the main character must grapple with disability. She is rendered unable to speak for starters.Additionally,  she grapples with overcoming considerable pain  and bleeding in her legs. When we meet her again in Shards Of the Glass Slipper, Syrenka has considerable difficulty using her legs. another theme that emerged as the story was developed was of acceptance. In the Story of the little Mermaid, the main character discards her normal upbringing and changes to try to be accepted by another group of people.  A change that is not entirely understood by her family. It's a relatable story especially when discussion of racial divides, gender identification and equality and acceptance are still in the headlines today. Another theme  that is an undercurrent in the story is one of protection and ocean conservation. which is something that has interested me for many years and I was able to weave some of that into the plot as a well.
  5. Syrenka audiobook will NOT be available on For a simple reason... Audible  needs to connect the audiobook to the print or ebook version on Amazon. Since Syrenka is a story that appears in the Mermaids 13 anthology  and that book was not recorded in it's entirety, is not capable of offering anything that does not already exist on Amazon. For me to do Syrenka through Audible I'd have to create an independent ebook just for the Syrenka story, which I felt would be unfair to the other authors in the Mermaids 13 anthology and would be a headache for the publsiher to navigate as well. Cd Baby is not affiliated with but has the advantage of distribution models that will make  Syrenka available on as an amazon mp3 album and itunes as well.
You can purchase the audiobook for Shards Of The Glass Slipper on Here

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Syrenka audiobook announced!

Roy Mauritsen's short story entitled Syrenka which first appeared in Padwolf publishing's Mermaids 13 anthology (which you can buy in it's entirety here)  will soon be available as an audio-book "short story". Appearing on itunes, amazon and other places like CDBaby. rather than the traditional audio-book giant audible, which due to limitations of it's inventory structure was unable to carry this title; as Syrenka only appears as part of an anthology and is not available otherwise..

Syrenka is narrated by Christopher Crosby Morris who narrated Shards Of the Glass Slipper- Book I:Queen Cinder and will be narrating For Book II: Queen Alice which will be released  later in 2016. Both the novel length audio-books as well as the Syrenka short story features music and sound effects to further enhance the listener experience. Syrenka is over an hour in length and will be available for download only, priced for $9.99.

The Syrenka short story is a stand alone prequel that takes place after the events of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid but prior to the events  Roy's mauritsens fairy tale epic Shards of the Glass Slipper.